Other Coaching Types

Types of coaching services available:

  1. Medical Fitness
  2. Health Coaching
  3. Online Coaching


Hi potential fit and healthier folks,

Our Motivation helping you is your success, and driving you towards your goals is what we do best. We don’t simply walk you around the gym telling you what to do, we work with you, explain the what, why and how of exercise prescription and programming. Combined with a balanced nutritional intake, common sense, commitment and dedication, we work together as a team to ensure your achievements and an ongoing transfer of information and knowledge to best prepare you to be able to have continuous improvement in your condition.

Having a well qualified coach for your purpose is very important if not critical, as you need to exercise correctly to not only get better but also the possibility to totally heal from your medical condition. We are here to educate you, transfer our knowledge and understanding to you so you can be confident and train and diet your way to recovery. Please bear in mind, that a weight loss or fitness trainer is not the same as a coach for your medical condition. We are who you would call a Fitness Doctor.

Your doctor’s most valuable advice is to exercise and he has his strong reason for doing so, whether you are trying to improve your health or recover or improve your condition we are here to help you change your lifestyle¬†for the better and create positive lifestyle adaptations that become habitual for long term success. We guarantee we will change your life!

We look forward to working with you towards the achievement of your personal health and fitness goals and objectives.

Yours in Health,

Kevin Chiak
Medical Fitness Specialist

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