We provide the most effective training in our exclusive gym for both you and your children. No membership charges.

Medical Fitness expert to help clients with chronic illnesses, injuries or those undergoing rehalitation.

Nutrition Health Coaches to work with clients to help them feel their best through food and lifestyle changes.

Grooming coaches that can help one look great in handout of clothes.


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KEVIN CHIAK  is the founder of K-Champs Health and Fitness Academy and The Image Maker Academy, he is a certified Master Trainer and have a Master Degree in science for Medical Fitness.  

MAX LAU is a Fitness Training Consultant (Manager) with 4 years of experiences in the fitness and health industry. He is a certified Advance Fitness Trainer.

MOSES WOU Always tuned and ready to give his clients a vigorous workout. He is also a Sports Model athlete.



One-to-one personal training

Our one-to-one training services has been our most favored training option of our clients.

A personal trainer is often associated with sports persons, gym enthusiasts and celebrities. Even hitting a gym is not a much liked habit by many. After a long and tired working day, not many understand the importance of workouts. The same is the case with the personal training professionals.  Not all people like to hire a personal trainer. There are valid reasons why you need to hire a personal trainer. Find why need a trainer for you, and for sure at the end you would certainly agree to find a qualified trainer.

WeTrain Weight Training for Women

Looking to lean down and tone up? Why not catch up with your BFFs as well? This weight training is specially organised for women to be trained together and working out with free weights and weight machines. Idea is to put on lean muscles which is known to be the best exercise to shape up the body.


We specialised in body sculpting to help you:


Shape your body and make the clothes you wear look better


Build superior muscle shape and tone


Cardiovascular conditioning


Increases flexibility, strength & self-esteem


Increases and maintains bone density and lean muscle


Maximum metabolic increase and fat loss


I came with my cousin and we were trying to do our routine workout, a bit lost…and eventually we both approached Kev for consultation (…) I know that Kevin is not just a personal trainer but a real professional trainer that will try his best not only teaching on the exercises but also to educate them with useful fitness and health information.

A real professional trainer Teddy Utama

Kevin is an exemplary personal trainer. It is an understatement that he is familiar with the works of the masculine human body, given that he is also a professional and award winning bodybuilder. He knows the technicalities of resistance training and muscle formation at the back of his hands, and tailors his training programme to suit his clients’ requirements.

Exemplary Personal Trainer Stanley Wong


Sleeve busting arms

Every guy wants bigger arms. It’s all part of our DNA. Countless people come into the gym to get bigger arms but they have no idea what to do and how to do it. The muscles of the arm and hand are specifically designed to meet the body’s diverse needs of strength, speed, and precision […]

Ladies: Let’s make your curves Dangerous

“Men love nice butts” and ladies want them. The craze of carving a sexy butt has picked up a boom among the ladies these days. Be it fitness modeling, bikini show or normal life a nice butt is a match winner. Not only does strong glutes improve your rear view, but they also boost your athletic […]

Top 5 Supplements you need

Though supplements aren’t a magic pill, they can add a significant element of convenience to your eating plan, which by now you know requires you to eat at frequent intervals. They can also provide a great sanctuary when cravings rear their ugly, uninvited heads. No matter what your training goals are, right supplements can help […]

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